1. "You are not designed for everyone to like you."
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  2. Throwback Thursdays suck. No one wants to go back there. Why would anyone want to go backward? Unless it was good. But time gives you perspective and my perspective is telling me throwback Thursdays suck. I’m so happy now and throwback thinking makes me sad because even though it sucks, it’s still important to me naw mean? This is drunk Chrissy reporting live after lots and lots of hard work and a much deserved bottle of wine. Ps it’s Wednesday.

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  5. "He looked at me like I was crazy. Most of my lovers do, and that’s partly why they love me, and partly why they leave."
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  6. That time I didn’t want to get out of your car forever

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  7. Familiar feels yeah?


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    whenever i get low on money i start thinking really irrationally like what if i hadn’t spent that $10 back in 2004 

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