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    FW14 Runway Detail


  2. "It is not for you to judge the journey of another’s soul. It is for you to decide who you are, not who another has been, or has failed to be."
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    Bill Murray Crashes Bachelor Party, Gives Awesome Speech - Video

    Best advice ever. I’m gonna do this one day.

    My lover. He’s the man. The most interesting man in the world.

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  5. Me lately

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  6. It’s nice to brag about surprises sometimes so here I go: I finally got to go to an aquarium around here when they have bars set up all over the museum and a GEMS + MINERAL SHOW going on that night, hosted by my soon to be employers. WHAT?!


  7. It’s hard going for a nighttime jog when your knee is broken from that night two weeks ago when you fell and rolled off a cliff most likely based off the bruises your body was covered in the next morning. But, bloody palms only mean you attempted to and eventually got yourself back up again.

  8. Now

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  9. Mmmm Chevy chase


  10. "Don’t hang with people who make you justify your vibe. Black holes don’t give the light back."